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AOL (American online) has been a web magnate since the beginning of the internet. AOL commenced its operations in the year 1983. Its services consisted of internet communication like messages and emails. Later on, it went on to provide the service of the web browser as well. Apart from all these things, AOL is also known for its world-class AOL customer service. In fact, because of its customer service, AOL has been able to establish such goodwill among the customers. 

AOL is also recognized as one of the biggest subscription-based service providers in America. It has also begun its operations in certain segments of the markets in India and Europe. This has given America online international recognition as well. With digital marketing becoming the primary source of advertisements, AOL entered this segment too. It provides tracking tools for digital campaigns. The best way to understand this organization and its operations is to use the services of its customer executive through the AOL customer service number.

Reasons People looking for AOL Contact Number

AOL has gained a lot of recognition in the USA in all these years. AOL has provided the best services to millions of people across American in these past 3 decades. The AOL customer service is present for each of their customers, all the time. Whatever, their customers need; AOL tries its best to provide it to them. To contact AOL dial the number (800) 827-6364. You can get in touch with the AOL service executive through this number from any part of the country. 

AOL recognises the fact that the customers may come across issues anytime. This is why its AOL contact number is available for 16 hours on weekdays. The best part about the contact number is that it’s completely toll-free. The customers just need to dial the above-mentioned number and tell their queries. 

The  AOL customer service number has the capacity to serve the needs of the people in any part of the country. They are capable of handling account Settings, Products, Payment Issues, Shipping Details, etc.

Updated 4 Ways To Connect With AOL Contact Team

One of the biggest selling points of AOL is communication. It understands that problems can arise anytime, anywhere. American is a very big country with most of its population being tech-savvy. Therefore, it becomes vital that their needs are catered through effective communication and response.  This is very important in terms of customer satisfaction in the long run. 

The general perception is that maintaining direct contact with a multinational business organization like AOL can be a difficult task. In reality, this is not the case. You can get in touch with AOL through the AOL contact number very easily for 16 hours a day. 

Here is a list of a few effective ways to contact AOL. These are the best ways to get in touch with the team and get your problems resolved. 

Phone number-

The easiest and effective way to resolve your issues of how to contact AOL is using the phone number. The number of customer executive service of AOL is toll free as well. The customers can get in touch with the professionals from 8 am to 12 am on the working days. You can get in touch with AOL on Saturdays as well but the number stays active only from 8 am to 10 pm [EST]. Although, under special circumstances, the paid member of the AOL account can get their inquiries resolved on a 24*7 basis. This is the true depiction of the commitment and professionalism of the company.

There is an extraordinary AOL TTY service. This has been developed to help people who have hearing issues. The way to contact AOL special is through the number  1-800-759-3323. There are trained staff with AOL who can converse in Spanish as well. The rationale behind this is that the general target audience present within the United States of America also has a high Hispanic influence. Therefore it is important that people who cannot speak or aren’t fluent in the English language can also get in touch with the phenomenal customer service of AOL. 


If anybody doesn’t want to use the AOL contact number and telephonic mode can always avail the services of chat and initiate a conversation with the AOL customer service. There is an online chatting mechanism that allows the customers to contact AOL. The chatting mechanism is only available to the paid customers and cannot be availed by the non-paying customers. To know more details about it you can visit the AOL website. 

The chat option is available throughout. You can initiate your queries and issues through a chat mechanism anytime. All you need to do is visit and log in. You need to pay $9.99 per month to access AOL Live Support Plus account. This will allow you to receive immediate chat assistance. For more information, you can visit the query section on the website or contact AOL by phone. 

Apart from the official chat mechanism, you can also get in touch with AOL through social media platforms. There is a separate team of people who handle an official Twitter account of AOL that allows people to resolve their queries through it. This is also used to market the company’s products and services. The main purpose of the account is to reach customers. The objective is not to resolve the issue of how to contact AOL but to understand their customers in a better way. You can also visit the official Facebook page of AOL where you can contact AOL and get their assistance.


You can also get in touch with AOL through AOL mail customer service. This service can only be availed by the US target audience. AOL customers can send a direct email to the AOL email support team if they wish to get a quick response. This is one of the best ways to avail direct solutions related to any technical issue. The AOL mail customer service is Any queries can be directly put through this mail. If you have any issues related to security and glitches, you can get AOL email support to resolve any of them. 


If you are not able to communicate through phone or AOL mail service you can visit the local and nearest AOL office. You can contact anyone to help you to communicate with the AOL team.  We will advise you to schedule an appointment using the telephonic service before visiting the office. This allows the team to be ready with solutions for your query. 

The issue can be resolved with help of AOL contact Team

You can contact AOL mail to find solutions to any problem that you are facing. The interface of AOL is one of the best in the industry. However, if the customers face any issues or glitches with their product they can use the AOL contact number or AOL mail service to resolve their issues.  Some of the issues that customers come across their AOL products are- 

  1. Poor internet connectivity- 

AOL provides all of its products through internet delivery and functioning mechanisms. There is hardly any AOL product that works in an offline manner. So, most of the issues with AOL products usually arise due to internet connectivity issues. 

  1. Password- 

We all forget passwords at a time. The AOL products may also show you glitches and trouble if you do not remember your password. You cannot access AOL without your password. The experts recommend that you reset your password whenever you come across this issue.

  1. Server and Network Issue-

You can face technical issues due to server and network connectivity issues as well. Customers may not be able to log in to their accounts due to a server down problem. It is advised that you try to contact AOL mail or try their phone number to know about this issue and how to resolve it. 

  1. Configuration problem- 

Customers should always check the configuration settings of their account whenever they come across issues with AOL. Improper settings can be the biggest reason for long term problems and glitches. The issue may also arise when a proper browser is not used by the client. Therefore, the browser that is used to access AOL must be compatible with the AOL configuration. 

“AOL not working”: General steps to resolve this 

Whenever customers face any issue with their account, the best thing to do is to contact AOL by phone. Apart from that, customers can also follow the below-mentioned steps to resolve their AOL issues. 

  • Make sure that your computer and other devices that you are using for AOL have complete access to the internet.
  • Resort to rebooting your device or reopen a fresh browser tab, if the problem continues to nag you. 
  • Remove all the cache and cookies from the browser. Try deleting your browser history as well to solve the problem. 
  • Allow access to the local services present on your respective browser.
  • You can also choose the option of uninstalling your browser and try to reinstall it. Try to check your account login and availability by using an alternate browser. It will help you recognise whether the browser is at default or account. 
  • Update your device’s operating system. 

If you are still not able to log into your account then it is suggested that you use the contact the customer service of AOL immediately. They will directly consult you for immediate solutions. Customers can also contact AOL mail to gain more information about the issue experienced.

What to do if you fail to receive emails on your AOL account? 

Adhere to the following steps if you are not able to receive emails on your AOL account. 

  1. Ensure that all the settings of your AOL account pertaining to the filter section are turned off. It may happen that emails get transferred to different folders as per the independent settings of an account. This is why it becomes crucial that customers check their spam folders to know whether you have received their emails there.
  2. Disable all the filters and then try sending a mail on your respective AOL account through any other account or help from any other person.  
  3. You should also check the trash folder of your AOL account. There may arise certain technical glitches because of which emails may get stored in the trash folder as well.
  4. Make sure that your email server is undisturbed. If your network is facing issues and is under high traffic then emails might not be delivered to your account.
  5. Refresh your device and check for new emails. 
  6. Update your browser

Frequently Asked Questions About AOL Contact Number

How do I get my email to work?

If you fail to receive emails in the inbox folder then you should go through other folders because there might be errors in the 3rd party email. You can get in the touch service team to identify the root of the problem. You can also choose to dial the AOL toll-free number (800) 827-6364 for immediate assistance.

How do I create a group text?

By activating the group text settings, Group texts can be created. You can send messages to several users with a single click. 

How to permanently delete emails?

Emails can be deleted by clicking on the trash icon or opening the other option. The deleted emails are sent to the trash folder if they are required to be retrieved. Users can permanently delete their emails from trash folders if they wish to. 

How can I get through AOL service Down?

If you are facing an issue of server down, then you need to wait for some time and be patient. After contacting the AOL team, you need to wait for some time for them to understand the problem. They will get in touch with you as soon as the problem has been identified and a solution has been found. 

AOL Mail Contact Number List

AOL Mail Contact Number(807) 788-4641
AOL TTY service for the deaf or hard-of-hearing1-800-759-3323
AOL Account Support Number1-800-827-6364
AOL Password Reset Phone Number1-800-827-6364
AOL Mail Technical Support (Paid Customers Only)1-800-827-6364
To sign up for AOL1-800-827-6364
Netscape ISP Account and Billing Support1-866-541-8233
aol número de teléfono de atención al cliente1-866-885-5117

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